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Agriturismo Cascina Longoria
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Barbaresco: Nebbiolo is produced from grapes produced in the Barbaresco, Neive and Treiso area.

Color:garnet with slight orange.

Nose:spicy, sophisticated, ethereal, with hints of violet to underbrush.

Taste:strong, persuasive, austere but velvety, slightly bitter on the finish, balanced tannins.

Serving temperature: 18 ° -20 ° C, uncorking the bottle an hour or two before serving.

Matches: important main courses, red meats, game and spicy and aged cheeses.


Dolcetto d'Alba: the most table Wines drunk in Langhe. Has a dry taste, slightly bitter taste and low acidity.

Color:ruby red, with hints of blackberry and violet.

Nose:intense, fresh flowers and fruits, like blackberry and wild cherry, full and mellow, refined and elegant aromas.

Taste: dry, sharp, balanced, finely almond aftertaste, moderate acidity that gives a touch of singular vivacity.

Serving temperature: 16-20 ° C.

Matches: for all meals, Piedmontese starters, sausages, roast meats, white meats and soft cheeses.


Langhe Nebbiolo: ruby red with orange reflections, has a dry taste and balanced tannic.

Color:intense ruby red.

Nose:blackberries and raspberries, rose petals and cherry blossoms.

Taste: warm and balanced with velvety elegant tannins.

Serving temperature: 17 º - 19 º C .

Matches: pasta dishes, roasts meat, game.


Langhe Arneis: ideal as an aperitif, with appetizers and especially with fish dishes. Presenta un colore giallo paglierino e un gusto secco con una vena pastosa che regala persistenza e freschezza. It features a pale yellow color and a dry taste with a mellow mood that gives persistence and freshness.

Color:yellow like straw.

Nose:delicate and pleasant .

Taste: dry, smooth and harmonious.

Serving temperature: 9 ° C .

Matches: aperitifs, appetizers and main courses.


Barbera d'Alba: a ruby red color tends when young, after aging red grenade. È un vino di acidità abbastanza spiccata, di corpo e leggermente tannico ed assume il suo gusto pieno solo dopo l'invecchiamento. It is a Wines with marked acidity, full bodied and slightly tannic and takes its full flavor after aging.

Color:intense red with violet.

Nose:cherry and vanilla .

Taste: vinous persistent, ethereal after aging in bottle.

Serving temperature: 18 ° C

Matches: pasta dishes and meat mean courses


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